Bellman's brother - history
It started when Johan borrowed a synth in 1989. Lars soon joined to help with the lyrics and vocals. A lot of songs were released on cassette. Inspiration come from the complete electronic music stage - favorites were Yazoo and Front 242. The goal has been to make catchy songs in an interesting sound environment. In the beginning the sound was defined as EBM, but it softened during the years. Now the sound is back to a more EBM style. Between 1995 and 1996 Snusan added her voice to the music. A few songs were recorded - all can be found on various compilation CDs. Those songs have also been redesigned into some kind of industrial pop with sound references to Björk and Aphex Twin.
The speed of music production has been very slow for a lot of years due to stuff like getting a grown up life. Now it looks like there is more time available again, which will lead to a lot of new hits from Kjells mek verkstad and the release of "Blue shift" during the last days of 2010. There is a small plan to rerecord Blue shift with female vocals, which would start up during 2011, but only the future knows what it will bring.